2007 MGVR Focus Event - Mid Ohio

 By Chris Meyers


MG Vintage Racers' Newsletter subscribers  had three great Autumn days at Mid Ohio, with sunshine dominant (and yellow jackets everywhere) and temps mostly in the 50s and 60s.  Thursday's overnight rains dampened the track for Friday's first session, but after that, conditions were ideal.   VSCDA certainly came through on their promise of 'loads of track time' as it seemed that we hardly came in from our sessions when it was time to go back out.  Friday evening's MGVR banquet was fantastic, with over 140 MGVRs and MG car club types gathered at the Deer Ridge Golf Club to share food, drink and camaraderie.  Tom Baumgardner knows how to throw a party!  Highlights include Dave Smith and Denny Cornett talking about the life and racing experiences of Denver Cornett.  Jim Weissenborn announced revised plans for our upcoming West Coast Focus Event with HMSA at Laguna Seca (more to follow soon), and Mark Palmer announced our East Coast Focus Event at the New Jersey Motorsports Park.  MGVR is teaming up with VRG for one dynamite race weekend at the brand new "Lightning" course September 19-20-21, 2008  (Fri/Sat/Sun).  Mark you calendars; these two events are not to be missed.

 Saturday brought us our VSDCA group races followed by MG Safety Fast Race 1 (Faster) group race, where several tight dices were the order of the day, including a five-car train of Tom Davis (BGT), Evan Holmes (MGA), Yours Truly (MGA), Nowell Korey (MGB) and David Bralich (MGB) that seemed as if joined at the bumpers lap after lap.  Near the front Mark Palmer, Derek Chima and Richard Navin were in a tight race for ten laps before the checker came down on winner Les Gonda in his always fast 02 MGB GT V-8, with Donald Dickey coming in second, and Scott Fohrman finishing third. 

 Saturday evening's MGVR/VSCDA joint banquet was over the top with a packed house at the Lexington Elks Club.  Attendees included all racers and crew, VSCDA board of directors and staff, and volunteer event staff.  As our official Focus Event banquet, we took the opportunity to recognize all MGVRs who staffed the newsletter in 2007, and those who helped with this year's focus event (Dave Smith, Greg Prehodka, Mark Palmer, Chris Kintner, Tom Baumgardner, Manley Ford, Will Bowden, Reed and Linda Yates, Dan and Vicki Leonard, Jim Austhof, John Targett, Mark Barnhart).  Also recognized for their contribution to the MGVR Newsletter were former treasurer Ed Cronin, and current tech editor Stan Edwards.   Of course the big news is that Linda Yates won the Bill Parish 'Master of Speed Deception' Award (as selected committee members Manley Ford, Will Bowden and yours truly).  The really, really big news is that  year's MG Vintage Racers' Newsletter Spirit Award winner is Frank Mount, as selected by a vote of his peers.  Frank has been racing MGs of various sorts for more than 48 years!    Frank reports that the "Copper Bucket" will soon hold some of his famous home made maple syrup.  Congratulations to Linda, Frank, and all who made this year's event such a huge success.

 Sunday featured VSDCA group races and MG Safety Fast Race 2 (Fast) group race, Prewar and Vertical Grill MGs, where racing at the front of the pack was nail biting with Manley Ford (TD 776),  George Shafer (TD 191) and Steve Konsin (Lester MG #28)  swapped the lead with Manley Ford pulling off the win on the final lap, followed by George Shafer and Steve Konsin.  Several T types reported fantastic mid-pack action including Tom Moore, Peter Ross, and Bob Grunau. 

 Our final race of the event was the Denver Cornett, Jr. Tag Team race.  As promised, this was the highlight of the event with thirty racers participating in a 9 lap race, with each leg running three laps (some with a quick stop to confirm lap count...rut roh).  I won’t go into the details of the race here, but I will congratulate  the winning team of Ed Cronin, Butch O'Conner, Lou Marchant, and team runner Keith Murphy.  Congratulations also to all who participated in what will be noted as a MGVR benchmark for tag team races.  Thanks go to VSCDA, Dave Smith and especially Greg Prehodka for planning, staging and executing an almost flawless tag team race.  What a way to end a great Focus Event weekend!

 The Editor would like to single out and thank VSCDA event Co-Chairs Judy and Phil Cull, VSDCA event coordinator Sheree Dewey for staging a near perfect vintage race event and for having us as their guests.  Thanks also to VSDCA volunteers for their time and event execution, 'job well done' to all of you.

John Ruth Photo
1965 MGB, Jim Austhof
1965 MGB, John Ruth

Don Butler Photo
1957 MGA, Mark Palmer
1966 MG Midget, Derek Chima

Don Butler Photo
1959 MGA, Lou Marchant

Danial Mainzer Photo
1948 MGTC, Bob Grunau
1954 MGTF, George Pardee
1950 MGTD, Jeff Brown

Greg Prehodka Photo
Martin Walford (right)
talking to Mike Barstow

Danial Mainzer Photo
1950 Lester MG, Steve Konsin
1951 MGTD, George Shafer
1952 MGTD, Manley Ford

Don Butler Photo

Don Butler Photo
MGTC Martin Walford
driving for Dean Butler

Don Butler Photo

Danial Mainzer Photo
1958 MGA, Chris Meyers

Danial Mainzer Photo
1960 MGA, Storm Field

Danial Mainzer Photo
1964 MGB, Michael Kusch
1964 MGB, Alan Tosler

Danial Mainzer Photo
MGA, Tom Baumgardner

Danial Mainzer Photo
1932 MGJ2, William Goulette
1952 MGTD, Manley Ford

Danial Mainzer Photo
Tag Team Race
Vicki Leonard carries
her team's Lanyard

Greg Prehodka Photo
Manley Ford presenting
Linda Yates with the
Bill Parish Master
of Speed Deception Award

Greg Prehodka Photo
MGVR Dinner at Deer
Ridge Golf Club (L-R):
Sherri Cornett
Denny Cornett
Dave Smith - Event Chair

Greg Prehodka Photo
Tribute to
Denver Cornett
Danial Mainzer Photo
Winning Tag Team (L-R):
Butch O'Conner
Lou Marchant
Keith Murphy
Ed Cronin


  by Chris Meyers

MG event panoramic photo and winner's circle photo courtesy of Daniel Mainzer.  This photo and others are for sale on line at www.mainzerphoto.com.

MGVR Editor: Chris Meyers
Online Editor: Christopher Kintner
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