MGVR is the oldest, single marque vintage race support group in North America.
It is non-profit, staffed by volunteers, and focused on its members and MG vintage racing.


To maintain a close camaraderie and open exchange of information among active MG vintage racers, and to encourage the sport of MG vintage racing. Material is contributed by subscribers, and exchanged through the Newsletter. The Newsletter does not organize or sanction any events, is not affiliated with any club or organization, is non-profit, and does not accept paid advertising (items of value to the members are run free of charge in the printed edition of the Newsletter). We are low-key and welcome first-time racers as well as 40 year veterans. All members are encouraged to submit their fair share of material for publication.


The Newsletter was founded in 1981 by active MGTD racer Greg Prehodka. With Greg's capable leadership as Editor, it grew from a handful of enthusiasts to over 150 subscribers in 1995. Greg's Newsletter was awarded the prestigious "Moss Motors Journalism Award", First Place, for newsletters under 1000 subscribers, in 1994. Major MG vintage events (such as the 40th Anniversary Collier Cup in 1994) have been promoted and coordinated through the Newsletter and its subscribers. In 1995, Mark Palmer assumed the Editor's post upon request from Greg. During Marks tenure, the MGVR Newsletter grew to over 200 subscribers, while the Focus Event concept became the annual race where MG Vintage Racers gather to share the camaraderie they are known for both on, and off the track. In 2005, Mark turned editorship of the Newsletter over to Chris Meyers. For a more comprehensive history of the MG Vintage Racers, please click on the button below.

The History of MGVR

Subscribers must actively race an MG or MG-powered specials (e.g. Lester-MG, Tojiero-MG) built through 1980. "Actively" means race at least once a year, or be in preparation for racing within a year. Subscribers are surveyed regularly to maintain the mailing list. Currently, there are approximately 275 subscribers, including complimentary issues to clubs and other organizations.

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MGVR Editor: Dave Nicholas
Online Editor: Christopher Kintner
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