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~ 08/14/2002 ~

Record Turnout of MG's for SIMMS CUP at MOSPORT

A record breaking 24 MG's competed for the MG Simms Cup this year at VARAC's Mosport Vintage Festival in June. The cup is in named in honor of Tony Simms, who was a very successful Canadian MG racer in the 50's and 60's. VARAC awards it yearly as an ongoing trophy to a driver in their all MG race at their annual Vintage Festival. This was the 5th annual awarding of the Simms Cup, which is presented to a MG racer based on driver skill, car preparation, and car period correctness. In the MG race John Targett finished 1st in an MGB, Joe Lightfoot 2nd in an MGB, and Mark Palmer 3rd in an MGA. A committee of VARAC officers and Tony Simms selected Mark Palmer as this year's winner. Mark is from Bethlehem, Pa. with a well prepared and good looking red MGA, which he raced very competitively.

Previous Simms Cup winners include Don Munoz, Dave Schmidt, Bob Grunau, and Ed Cronin. VARAC is looking forward to an even larger MG field next year, as MG racing in Canada and the US continues to grow. For more information on MG vintage races in the US and Canada, visit the MG Vintage Racers web site at

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