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~ 08/18/2002 ~

MG Vintage Racers Spirit Award, 2002

This year's recipient of the MG Vintage Racers' SPIRIT AWARD was Bob Grunau of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Bob actively races a 1948 MGTC and competes with it at many vintage races. And whenever a fellow racer needs a hand to fix their MG at the track, Bob always seems to be there with help, encouragement, and parts to get them running again for the next race. The MGVR Spirit Award, is a special large copper bucket, which is awarded annually. Criteria for the award is the MG racer's "vintage spirit", - not race winning - and the winner is selected by a vote of fellow MG drivers at MGVR's annual Focus Event all MG race. This year 35 MG's competed in it. It was run with the support of the Vintage Sports Car Club of America at New Hampshire International Speedway's vintage race weekend the beginning of August.

Press Release, August 2002
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