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~ 01/24/2003 ~

50th Anniversary of the Collier Memorial MG Race in 2004

The largest field of MG's ever racing together - between 80 to 100 MG's - is expected to be vintage racing at Watkins Glen in 2004 for the "Golden Anniversary" of the Collier Memorial MG race! This huge event - almost a year and a half from now - is already in the early planning stages. September 2004 will mark the 50th anniversary of its beginning at historic Watkins Glen, NY. It was started in 1954 by the SCCA as an MG race in honor of Sam and Miles Collier - early MG racing pioneers who had died. Then in 1986, with the support of the Collier family, SVRA initiated its annual "Vintage Collier Cup" race for MG's as an extension of this prestigious award. This race has also been selected as the MG Vintage Racers' "Focus Event" for 2004 and is expected to draw the largest field of MG's - EVER RACING in North America! MG racers from all over the US and Canada - and possibly several from across the pond - are expected to attend this exceptional 50th anniversary celebration. In 1994 there were 60 MG's racing in the Collier Cup, and for 1998 there were 72 MG's racing. Now, come race day 2004, 80 to 100 MG's, from Pre-War MG's, T's, A's, and Midgets, to MGB's, including MG specials, are expected to set a new record, as they dice it out on the track - an incredible sight not to be missed, and possibly never to be seen again!

This event will provide a unique opportunity not only for MG racers, but for ALL MG ENTHUSIAST. We just want to let all MG clubs be aware of this event now, so they can consider plans to share in the celebration. Why not have your members come and check out all these racing MG's, talk to their drivers, and watch them go at it! What a great activity this could make for your MG club!

The Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) will sanction this race the weekend of September 10-11-12, 2004, and many details are still to be worked out, but clubs can start planning for it now even though it is a year and a half away. As the event approaches, more information on it will be released. This notice is just to give the movers and shakers of the MG world time to plan for it. Rarely do opportunities like this one come along.

PLEASE SHARE this announcement with anyone in your organization with a "Need to Know", and other key people in MG clubs, but please DON'T publish it yet. Announcements for publication will be E-mailed out later this year. If you have any questions concerning this, you may contact:

Dick Powers
MG Vintage Racers "CC04" Event Coordinator
Phone: 1-585-323-2687

Press Release, January 2003
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