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Release date:  May 22, 2003

From:  MG Vintage Racers Newsletter

To:  Magazines, Publications & Select Others

Re:  MG Race Record Expected at VIR in June

This note is to update you on a MG race in a few weeks which is expected to become HISTORIC - and we want you to be aware of it, and if possible to prepare to cover it.

Virginia International Raceway is holding their "Gold Cup" vintage car race the weekend June 6-7-8. Over 200 vintage race cars will be there dicing on the tarmac in the beautiful rolling hills of southern Virginia. But included in that number are LOTS OF MG's! This is also the MG Vintage Racer's designated "Focus Event" for 2003. As of Thursday, May 22, there are already 76 MG's registered to race, and by race day, it well may be up to - or over - 80 MG's !!! The North American (and most likely world) record for MG's in one race, was set at Watkins Glen at their 50th Anniversary vintage race with SVRA in 1998 with 72 MG's. So this should be a record breaking event! Can you just imagine 76 - or even 80 - or more - MG's racing by to take the Green Flag! That's worth the trip there by itself!

So do what ever you can to cover this historic MG race event! If at all possible, get someone there to report on it for you. Fly there, drive there, walk there, ... whatever, but BE THERE!

And after the race weekend, MGVR will also be sending out a "Press Release" on the MG race which you will be welcome to use.

If you need additional information, you may contact me, or VIR at:

Virginia International Raceway
- On the web:
- Phone: Julie Allen, 434-822-7700, x-101

So, get there if you can - it's going to be a WINNER!.

Greg Prehodka, Publicity Coordinator
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