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Release date:  June 12, 2003

50th Anniversary of Collier Memorial MG Race - 2004

It's not too early to start planning for what is expected to be the largest MG race EVER held in North America. In just 15 months - September 10-12, 2004 - SVRA will hold vintage car races at Watkins Glen, NY, where the 50th anniversary of the Collier Brother's Memorial MG race - which started in 1954 - will be celebrated, and the "Vintage Collier Cup" will be awarded to an MG racer. Both are in honor of Sam and Miles Collier, who were early MG racing pioneers, who had died.

MG has already been selected as the featured marque for that race weekend. This will also be the MG Vintage Racer's "Focus Event 2004" (their Focus Event 2003 at Virginia International Raceway in early June had 77 racing MGs). Around - or over - 100 racing MGs are expected in 2004 at the Glen! Some MG racers from England are planning to be there. Historic racing MGs will be there. ALL vintage MG racers in North America are being encouraged to attend! Add to this the great Watkins Glen downtown street festival in support of this vintage race weekend, (the race cars are escorted downtown to main street for the festival), with the downtown car show, a parade of the vintage racecars on the original street racing course, the new Watkins Glen Motor Racing Research Center (a must see), and the wonderful vacation area where this is - the finger lakes region of NY- wineries, lakes, Glen Gorge, etc., and it makes for a perfect weekend for any MG enthusiast. The New England MG 'T' Register has already selected this weekend at Watkins Glen for their 40th anniversary "GOF" - so they will be there.

This will be a very special weekend for the MG racers and they invite you and your club to share it with them. Come meet them - check out their MG racers - enjoy the whole weekend's excitement and activities -and watch them race into MG history! MGs from K-3s to MGBs are expected to be racing. Watkins Glen International - the track - is a wonderful spectator track, and this is club racing where you are free to wander around and take it all in. This is NOT like NASCAR on TV!

So, start laying plans now to attending this special weekend - let it become a scheduled activity for your club for September 2004. MG History, MG cars, MG racing, MG show, MG EXCITEMENT! It doesn't get any better than this!

You'll be sorry if you miss this one.

Any questions, please contact the MGVR coordinator for this event: Dick Powers, e-mail:, or myself.

Greg Prehodka, Publicity Coordinator
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