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Release date:  July 29, 2003

VIR MG Race Photos Now on Website

Chris Kintner, the MGVR web master, has just put up on the MGVR web site over 70 photos taken at the MG Vintage Racers "Focus Event 2003" race weekend at Virginia International Raceway, in June. There, a record breaking 77 MG showed up to race for a spectacular weekend of MG action and camaraderie! Take a look at the action of these MG racers going at it on the track!

Check out the MGVR website at: - Click on "Pictures"

These photos are available for your viewing pleasure, and general use and reproduction, in support of MG vintage racing. Just credit MGVR as the photo source if you reproduce any of them. If you need identification of who is in a particular photo, you can check out the VIR race results posted on the MGVR web site, or just contact me and describe the photo (or attach a copy of it), and tell me the car number(s) and I'll identify it for you. Also feel free to let others know about the MGVR website and that the photos are there for viewing.

Greg Prehodka, Publicity Coordinator
MG Vintage Racers' Newsletter (Since 1981)

PS: Look forward to SVRA's vintage races at Watkins Glen in September 2004 - next year - which will also be MGVR's "Focus Event 2004" - where the 50th anniversary of the "Collier Brothers Memorial Trophy MG Race" will be celebrated. Over 100 racing MG are expected to be there racing! And various supporting MG and British car clubs are already planning to come watch all the action!

More to come on this as the year moves along.

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