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August 21, 2003

MG Vintage Racing Action On Video

      Ever wonder about the thrill of racing a vintage MG? What's it like to attend a MG Vintage Racers "Focus Event"? Why is vintage racing MG's special? What is a vintage race weekend like? WELL ... a video has just been released which answers all these questions - and more - and besides it is just plain old fun to watch, even if you aren't a vintage racer.

      The MG Vintage Racers celebrated their "Focus Event 2003" at Virginia International Raceway's "Gold Cup Historic Car Races" this past June, where a record breaking 77 MG's (Pre-war, T's, A's, B's, Midgets, & specials) showed up to dice it out! VIR - the track - had a professional highlight video made of the race weekend, which captured the historic turnout of MG's racing. The video runs 32 minutes, and about half of it is coverage of MG racing and related activities (racer interviews, etc). The video presents an overall review of the vintage race weekend, with plenty of MG racing action, and you'll discover what MG vintage racing fun is about! Get to see George Chilberg - winner of MGVR's 2003 prestigious "Spirit Award" - racing his beautiful 1933 supercharged L Type MG!

      MGVR is pleased that this video presents highlights their "Focus Event 2003", and therefore we are letting people know about it. MG Vintage Racers have been doing their thing SINCE 1981 - and now you can share in their excitement and and learn why their numbers are growning. It could even get some non-racers thinking about racing their MG's. And besides, you could also show it at your local MG or British car club meeting some evening!

If you have interest in the video, you can order it from:

Champion Productions, 5045 Meadow Crossing Lane, Roanoke, VA, 24019. Price (Including Shipping & Handling) is $24.95. ($27.95 in US dollars - Canadian orders) Payment: check, or international money, payable on a US bank. Questions - call Champion Productions at: 540-561-0984, or e-mail them at:

      Want more info on MG Vintage Racing - check out MGVR's web site at: "" where you can view pictures of the racing MG's at VIR shown in this video.

August 21, 2003
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Greg Prehodka, MGVR Publicity Coordinator
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