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MG Vintage Racers' Newsletter (MGVR)
January 2004

HMSA to Honor MG at Luguna Seca in March

      Historic Motor Sports Association (HMSA) will honor "MG in American Racing" with a special historic race weekend March 20-21, 2004 at the Mazda Raceway (Laguna Seca) in Monterey, CA. The celebration will feature many race-winning MGs from the fifties and sixties, including the 1950 MG TD Von Neumann Special, and the famous Ken Miles R1 and R2 Shingles. The event will also pay tribute to the Kjell Qvale of San Francisco's "British Motors Car Distributors" Sebring Team. It will be 40 years ago to the day in 1964 that two MGB's from the three-car team finished 17th and 22nd overall at the 12 hours of Sebring, bolstering the new MGB's race reputation in the US. Those two cars will be reunited with Qvale; Joe Huffaker, who prepared the cars; surviving drivers Ed Leslie, Jim Parkinson and Jim Adams; crew chief Frank Morrill; and other members of the original team. In addition to a full weekend of historic racing, other scheduled highlights include an all-MG race and special paddock displays including the first MGB out of the factory!

      For additional information, contact HMSA at their web site or call them at 818-249-3515. There are plans for a social function at the track and possibly a dinner for the MG group. Laguna Seca is 75 miles south of San Francisco.

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January 5, 2004
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