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January 26, 2004

MG Race Expected to Set New Record

      There's NOTHING to compare this to! Already - as of January - 77 MG racers have responded that they are planning to race at SVRA's "Collier Cup" all MG race at Watkins Glen, N.Y. in September! MGs from a 1934 MG-K3 to MGB-GT V8s will be there. By race day, a record breaking 120 - or more - racing MGs are expected to be dicing it out at this historic track! NEVER before has there been such excitement in the MG racing community! And it all revolves around celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the "Collier Brother's Memorial MG Race" at Watkins Glen, in honor of Sam and Miles Collier - two MG and sports car racing pioneers.

      The scope of this event will be breathtaking with over 100 MGs racing - as NEVER seen before! Due to such a large turnout, TWO Featured Collier Cup MG races are scheduled! "Pre-War and T Series" MGs will race on Saturday - and then on Sunday the "MGAs, Bs, Cs and Midgets" have a go at it. Other MG awards will include the MG "T Cup", the MG "Cornett Award", and the MG Vintage Racers' "Spirit Award". At the track, the MG racers will have their own paddock, information center, and MG display - so there will be LOTS to see and do, not to mention the couple of hundred other vintage cars racing that weekend. Several historic MGs will be there as well as some significant MG race drivers from the past. Another highlight will be the "Vintage Race Car Festival" on the streets of downtown Watkins Glen, Friday afternoon. Vintage race cars will be paraded from the track to downtown via the original 1948 street race course, and displayed on main street for an afternoon of wonderful festivities. Cars, speakers, music, food, etc. MG will be featured in it, and the MG racers will go as a group. Also, in support of this historic racing weekend, the New England MG 'T' Register and the North American MGA Register are planning concurrent gatherings there, which means lots of street and show MGs.

      This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for all MG and car enthusiasts! Add to it the wonderful location of Watkins Glen in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State, with its wineries, the Glen Gorge State Park, the Watkins Glen Motor Research Library, and local color, and it's a true Win-Win adventure! For MG racers, car clubs, or just by yourself - plan to be there and witness history in the making.

      This SVRA sanctioned vintage race weekend is September 10-12. MGs will also be racing in their regular vintage classes - so there will be LOTS of MG racing ACTION all weekend long! The MG Vintage Racers (MGVR) have designated this weekend as their "Focus Event" for 2004.

      These are just some highlights. A lot of planning for this weekend is still in process.

For more information on this event or the area, contact:

  • Sports Car Racing Association (SVRA):, or call: 404-298-3323
  • Watkins Glen International (WGI, the track): or call: Phone: 607-535-2486
  • Schuyler County Chamber of Commerce (for Watkins Glen area)1-800-607-4552
  • Watkins Glen Motor Racing Research Library:
  • MGVR website: or MGVR Event Coordinator Dick Powers, e-mail:
  • New England MG 'T' Register:
  • North American MGA Register:
  • See you at the Glen in September - 2004!

    January 26, 2004
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