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April 9, 2004

Collier MGs Highlight 50th Celebration

      This September the 50th Anniversary of the "Collier Brothers Memorial Trophy" MG race at Watkins Glen will be celebrated, where two of the Collier families MGs will be on display as a highlight. First, their historic MG "Leonidis" will be there. This MG started as one of 3 MG factory works MG-PAs in 1935 which raced at Le Mans that year with a team of women drivers. The Colliers acquired one of those PA's after Le Mans, brought it back to the US, and had a custom streamline body fitted to it. They raced Leonidis very successfully in many US venues in the 30's and later, and competed with it at Le Mans in 1939. Their second MG is their MG-K3. It is one of 33 MG factory built K-3 "racers". Built in Abingdon, England in 1934, it competed in a variety of events in England until purchased by Qvale in the US in 1959. The Cunning Museum then acquired the MG, and the Colliers got it from there.

      But these are only two of the MANY historic MGs which will be at SVRA's "Zippo Vintage Grand Prix" in September for the "Collier Cup". Pre-War MGs, "Collier Trophy" winning MGs, and "Collier Cup" winning MGs, will be included in the 120 to 140 MGs which are expected to be racing in the two vintage "Collier Cup" all MG races. That will make it the largest turnout of racing MGs EVER in North American - a spectacle not to be missed! And Dean Butler's historic 1934 MG-K3 will be RACING in the Collier Cup. This large turnout of MGs is also due to the MG Vintage Racers' support of it as their "Focus Event" for 2004.

      For more information on this historic MG event, contact the "MG Vintage Racers" on the web at "", or SVRA at ""

(Note: An article on the Collier Brothers is available for publication)

April 9, 2004
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