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April 30, 2004

"Bill Parish - Master of Speed Deception"
MG Award Announced

      A new MG Racer's award, in memory of Bill Parish, has been established. Bill was one of the original SVRA members in 1980, who started vintage racing his MG at SVRA's first vintage race at Road Atlanta, and was a member of the fun loving MG "Zapata Racing Team" from Nashville, Tennessee. He raced his blue number 143 MGTC in vintage races for many years down south. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1998 from cancer, leaving his wife Allison and three children. Bill had a long career in the insurance business, and founded "Parish Motorsports Insurance" for classic car insurance. And no-one had more fun with the people, the parties, the MGs, the stories, and the vintage events than Bill. He was not about winning. Bill was casually known as "The Master of Speed Deception" and could talk up one imaginative racing strategy - about such things as "exhaust bleeder valves" or "chrome muffler bearings"! He is remembered for his practical jokes and colorful racing stories! Bill made vintage racing fun for everyone around him! In 1986 he was presented with SVRA's "Ford Heacock Sr. Memorial Sportsmanship Award" and in 1996 the "Walter Mitty Award" at Road Atlanta.

      This new award will be presented annually at the MG Vintage Racers "Focus Event", to one of their members voted as "Having The Most Fun" and being a "Master of Speed Deception", while racing their MG throughout the season - unrelated to any race winning. The new award is sponsored by Parish-Heacock Insurance, and supported by the MG Vintage Racers. Initially it will be awarded at SVRA's "Zippo Vintage Grand Prix" at Watkins Glen this September, where the largest MG race gathering EVER - of over 100 MGs - will be racing in TWO "Collier Cup" all MG races!

April 30, 2004
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