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MG Vintage Racers' Newsletter (MGVR)
July 18, 2004

Come See MG Racers Making History & MORE!
- At Watkins Glen This September

      Its going to be AWESOME!!! A dream will come true for many MG racers - and MG enthusiasts - this September at Watkins Glen, New York, as the 50th Anniversary of the Collier Memorial MG race of 1954 will be celebrated in grand fashion at SVRA's "Zippo US Vintage Grand Prix". Watkins Glen is about racing! Never Before have so many MGs raced at one event! Already over 100 racing MGs have entered this race, and by race day the number is expected to exceed 120 MGs! MGs from Pre-War K-3s to MGB-GT V8s will be in action! Their will be two "Collier Cup" feature races on Sunday for just MGs. One for "T series and older MGs", and one for "Later MGs". Many famous MGs and MG racers will be there. Forget TV car racing. This is "Vintage Racing", where you can tour the paddock, check out the cars, and talk to the drivers, as well as watch the races. Add to that: -the wonderful downtown Watkins Glen Vintage Car Street Festival on Friday; -another 200 to 300 fabulous vintage race cars of all makes and types also racing; -the Watkins Glen Motor Racing Research Library: -car shows with MG featured; -the many local tourist attractions (wineries, Glen State Park, etc.); -the area's rich history and lovely countryside of NY's finger lakes; -and so much more, and it all adds up to "Gotta Be There". And besides MG racers, the "New England MG 'T' Register" and the "North American MGA Register" are having concurrent functions there, so their members can share in the excitement. There will be MGs everywhere!

      Make your plans now if you haven't already, to attend this historic event at Watkins Glen, September 10-12, the likes of which may NEVER be seen again!

For more information, contact:

  • SportsCar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA - the race sanctioning body): on the Web at "", or call: 404-298-3323
  • Watkins Glen International (WGI, the track): on the Web at: "" or call: Phone: 607-535-2486
  • Schuyler County Chamber of Commerce (for Watkins Glen area tourist info) 1-800-607-4552
  • Watkins Glen Motor Racing Research Library: ""

  • MG Vintage Racers website: ""
  • Grand Prix Festival (street festival & other non-race activities): Website: "".

  • July 18, 2004
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