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July 23, 2004

Bartlett Wins "Simms Cup" for MGs at Mosport

      Racing his green #348 MGA Coupe, Bill Bartlett won this year's prestigious "Simms Cup" for MG racers, at Mosport, Ontario this June. It's awarded annually by the "Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada" at their Vintage Festival race.

      Bill is from Atlanta, Ga., but his roots go back to Toronto where he grew up, not far from the Mosport track. As a teen he use to go to the track to watch races. So it was like going home for him in a way - but as a racer now - as many of his relatives from the Toronto area came out to watch him, and cheer him on to win the Simms Cup. Later he even commented that "My brother now wants to be my mechanic.." Bill said he was most honored to win this Canadian award, especially considering his Canadian roots.

      18 MGs were in the race, split evenly between US and Canadian entries, which included MG Ts, As, Bs, and Midgets. In the MG race Bill had a thrilling race long dice with Steve Mullen in a MGB, right up to the checkered flag! Bill pushed his MG hard all race long, and finished a very respectable 4th over in the all MG race. But to win the Simms Cup, it takes more than just running a great race. (The first overall MG was Joe Lightfoot in an MGB)

      The winner of the Simms Cup is selected by a race committee using the criteria of a MG racer: " -Having demonstrated superior driving skills -in a MG prepared to an outstanding level of race readiness -while still maintaining its vintage character".

      How did Bill feel about all this: "I had a blast, met some very nice people, and won the Simms Cup. WOW!"

July 23, 2004
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