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July 24, 2004

MG Clubs Supporting "MG Racers" at Watkins Glen

      The excitement of a historic- record breaking - MG racing event at Watkins Glen this fall, also has many MG enthusiasts excited! Two major MG organizations will be there in large numbers to witness the all MG "Collier Cup" races at Watkins Glen International, and are adding their own support to the MG Vintage Racers. Over 120 MGs will be competing in SVRA's "Zippo Vintage Grand Prix", September 10-12th.

      The New England MG 'T' Register is expecting a large turnout of their members for their GOF Mk-77, where they will be celebrating the Register's 40th anniversary at nearby Painted Post, and coming to the races at the Glen. Their event coordinator, Charlie Searles, describes the excitement as "Unbelievable!!! I filled 115 rooms at the Best Western by July 8th and the registrations keep pouring in. Hawaii, Colorado, New Zealand, Wisconsin, California and on and on and on." In support of the MG racers, the Register is providing a trophy to be awarded to the "First Pre-War MG" to cross the finish line in the Collier Cup race.

      The MG racers are also receiving support from the North American MGA Register (NAMGAR), who are having a "Regional GT" there. They are thrilled about the event and are establishing a new annual award for it. Bob Bucher and Sherm Decker - both Watkins Glen locals - raced MGA's and won 4 of the Collier Trophy races from 1956 to 1959. Sherm won in '56 and '59, and Bob in '57 and '58. They were both very competitive, equally matched racers, often dicing it out fender to fender with each other. NAMGAR, in recognition of them is establishing an annual "Bob Bucher - Sherm Decker Memorial Cup", which will be awarded to the highest placing MGA in SVRA's Collier Cup races. Tim Coyne, Chairman of NAMGAR, commented about the upcoming event: "Things are really rolling now! (as of July 19th) ...we have over 100 people registered for NAMGAR at the Glen, .. the hotel is sold out .. we are now "dropping it into 4th" for the push to the finish line."

      So, not only will there be a record breaking turnout of over 120 racing MGs at Watkins Glen, but it appears there will be a record breaking turnout of MG enthuiasts attending the races, and enjoying all of the weekend's many activities at this incredible event!

Just - Gotta Go Glen - this September!

For more info, contact:

  • SportsCar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA - the race sanctioning body): on the Web at "", or call: 404-298-3323
  • Watkins Glen International (WGI, the track): on the Web at: "" or call: Phone: 607-535-2486
  • Schuyler County Chamber of Commerce (for Watkins Glen area tourist info)1-800-607-4552
  • Watkins Glen Motor Racing Research Library: ""
  • MG Vintage Racers website: ""
  • Grand Prix Festival (street festival, car show & other non-race activities): Website: "".
  • New England MG T Register website:
  • North American MGA Register:website:

July 24, 2004
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