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August 19, 2004

Remembering Sam and Miles Collier at Watkins Glen

      Sam and Miles Collier were two very significant figures in the early days of racing MGs, and the sports car movement in the US which began in the 1930's. They both raced MGTCs in the inaugural 1948 Watkins Glen Grand Prix, and Miles Collier won the event in 1949. But Sam died at Watkins Glen racing a Ferrari in the 1950 Grand Prix. Miles then died in 1954 from polio. On September 13, 1954 a large granite stone memorial was dedicated to the two brothers, at the point on the Watkins Glen road coarse where Sam's car left the road and crashed.

      Also in memory of them the SCCA started the "Collier Brothers Memorial Trophy MG Race" in 1954, and SVRA started the "Collier Cup" race for vintage MGs in 1985. The weekend of September 10-12 at SVRA's "Zippo Vintage Grand Prix" at WGI, the 50th anniversary of the Collier Trophy is being celebrated, where over 130 MGs will be racing in the Collier Cup. And in remembering these MG racing pioneers - and the roots of MG racing in North America - the "MG Vintage Racers" will hold a brief ceremony at the brother's stone memorial.

      At 12:30PM on Thursday, September 9th, MGVR representative Bob Schoeplein will conduct a brief ceremony there - about 15 minutes - remembering Sam and Miles Collier (directions for the location below). The MG Vintage Racers will place a floral wreath there, as will the "International Motor Racing Research Center of Watkins Glen". A few select MG race cars will be at the ceremony.

      Also at the ceremony will be: Bill Green, Watkins Glen Research Center Historian; Julie Giese, Direct of Public Relations of Watkins Glen International; Greg Prehodka and Mark Palmer of the MG vintage Racers, and a representative from SVRA. Anyone is welcome to attend.



  • Go southeast on Franklin Street to the second traffic signal.
  • Turn right (Old Corning Road, Route 329) and go up the steep hill.
  • Ignore the first right toward �Seneca Lodge�.
  • Go right at the �Y� and continue up hill for another 200 feet.
  • Turn right on to NY State Route 427. (A direction sign will be posted here). Continue on this road and under the railroad overpass.
  • 1/3 mile beyond the railroad underpass is the Collier Brothers Memorial Stone, on your RIGHT as you approach. It is located about 25 yards off the road.


  • Go out the main gate and turn right.
  • Left on to �Meads Hill Road�, which is about 1/3 mile from the track.
  • Stay on Meads Hill Road until it ends at Route 427 at the bottom of the hill.
  • Take a 90-degree right on to Route 427 and then go straight. (Do not go downhill to the Stone Bridge).
  • The Collier Brothers Memorial Stone is beside the road on your LEFT about 1/2 mile after your turn on to Route 427.

      There is no formal parking area here. The road in front of the memorial stone is very lightly traveled, and parking is permitted on the shoulders at either side of the road.

August 19, 2004
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