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October 6, 2004

MG - Triumph Challenge at Walter Mitty - Road Atlanta, Ga

      Just off the heels of a tremendous "Focus Event 2004" at Watkins Glen, MG racers are already starting to look forward to their "Focus Event 2005" at Road Atlanta, Ga, at Historic Sportscar Racing's "Walter Mitty" vintage race weekend April 28th - May 1st. This event will also host a gathering of the "Friends of Triumph", a similar group supporting Triumph vintage racers. The MAGIC of this combination will be the "MG - Triumph Challenge" format that weekend, supported by Classic Motorsports Magazine, and Moss Motors. There will be special races and classes dedicated to these two famous British marques, as they compete with each other - once again, turning back the hands of time! This challenge is a continuation of the friendly competition between these two groups, which started at Mid-Ohio in 1999. A very large turnout from both marques is expected.

      This should be an exciting weekend at the Walter Mitty - for both MG and Triumph racers - with many special supporting activities and perks, which are now in the planning stages. The fuse is short - so mark you calendar, and plan to be there in April!

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  • October 6, 2004
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