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July 4, 2005


VSCCA To  Feature  MG
- At  Lime  Rock  Park - in  October


    The Vintage Sports Car Club of America (VSCCA) will hold a vintage car race at the Lime Rock Park, Ct. race track (in northwest Ct.) the weekend of October 7-8 (Fri/Sat).   What will be special about this event, is that the 50th Anniversary of the MGA will be celebrated at it - with special ALL MG races .   Details on the event are being worked on to make it very special for MG racers - and MG enthusiasts - so start thinking about being there in October!


    About 100 MGs are expected to compete - including  MGA's, MG-T's, MGB's, MG Midgets, MG Specials, and Pre-War MGs.  It will be a rare opportunity to see so many MGs racing!   Most likely there will be two all MG racing groups (generally:  older & slower -and- newer & faster)  - due to the large number of MGs expected.  And all of these MGs will be complimented by the many other wonderful vintage cars in the VSCCA - of all marques, 1959 and older - which will be dicing on the track in other classes.  Overall over 200 vintage race cars are expected to compete.  Friday is practice and qualifying, and Saturday feature race day.  VSCCA Event Chairman, Andrew Hiller (an MGA racer himself) is encouraging MG and British car clubs to take advantage of this rare opportunity, and to place this race on their club's calendar of events.  And there will be an opportunity for street MGs to tour (at slow speed) the track during the lunch break on Saturday, for a small fee.  They are also planning to have a special display area at the track for all street MGA's, in support of the 50th Anniversary of the MGA.  Featured guest for the weekend will be Dave Ash of MGA racing fame.  NAMGAR will present a special award to an MGA racer.   There will be NO entry fee to the track, but you will be required to sign a waiver to enter.  And be aware that this is "Vintage Racing", where spectators are allowed to visit the cars in the paddock, walk around the inside of the track, and talk with the drivers. It's very casual.  And why not bring a picnic lunch, and sit on the hillside and watch the races.  This weekend will bring back memories of the past - when new MGs were racing around historic Lime Rock Park (which opened in 1957), with their exhaust echoing off the surrounding hills    Lime Rock Park - nestled away in the lovely rolling countryside hills of northwest Connecticut - is a wonderful venue for watching vintage car races from - especially in October with the colorful fall foliage exploding!  But this time of year, lodging books up early, so if you want a room or B&B, get it soon.   We would love to have you come on out and join us for this weekend.  If you would like more information on it, please contact Andrew at:   E-mail,  or call him at 914-923 -6055.  Also, check out the references below for additional information.  


Start thinking Lime Rock in October NOW!


References - Resources:
Note:  This time of year, lodging get filled up quickly.  Book EARLY!


July 4, 2005
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