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September 20, 2005


Its a Win-Win for MG Racers at Watkins Glen


Weather could not have been better, as 40 MGs had a great weekend and raced with each other in the "Collier Cup" MG race at SVRA's Zippo Vintage Grand Prix, at Watkins Glen this September.  Always a favorite event of MG racers, by the weekend's end all left with great memories of racing, camaraderie, and the wonderful Watkins Glen downtown car festival!

The "Collier Cup" race for MGs, crowned four winners. Chris Meyers - head of the MG Vintage Racers - presented the awards, and commented: "What a great weekend at Watkins Glen for the Zippo Grand Prix and Collier Cup race!  I wish to thank all MG racers who participate in the Collier Cup, and SVRA for having it!"  The prestigious "Collier Cup" award went to Dan Leonard from Maryland with his MGTD.  He was voted this honor by his fellow racers.  This was Dan's first car in 1961, and he has been vintage racing it for many years now: "Thanks so much for awarding me the Collier Cup - quite an honor!  I always try to represent our MG group in the true Vintage Spirit.  I cherish this award.  We are the BEST Band of Brothers!"   The NAMGAR sponsored "Bucher-Decker Trophy" for the "First MGA" was captured by Dave Smith of Michigan.  He commented "After the cool down lap, I was motioned into the Victory Lane.  That was a very emotional moment, and it made me feel like one of the "Big Boys" when they placed that Zippo hat on my head!  I will remember it for many years!"   Next, the "T Cup" for the first "T" type MG went to Frank Filangeri of NY with his MGTD.  Over the years, he has constantly improved his MG and his driving, now crowning his efforts with the "T Cup" - though it was a battle to the finish line as he recalls.  "I had some great racing all weekend especially with Dan Leonard in his twin TD - we were never far apart.  Some people even asked if we were a racing team!  Our lap times were only .023 seconds apart!  How can you go wrong with wonderful friends, terrific weather and great racing!"   The 1st overall race honors of the "Cornett Trophy" went to Jerry Richards of Georgia with his thundering MGB-GT V8 - who was just one-second a lap faster than Les Gonda in a similar ground pounder, who was constantly on his tail.  

It was just a wonderful weekend for all MG racers, crews, and families.  Race results and photos can be found on the web at ""


September 20, 2005
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