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MG Vintage Racers' Newsletter (MGVR)
August 25, 2006


MGVR Announces Their
 "Focus Event 2007" at Mosport

 The MG Vintage Racers designate one vintage race event each year as their "Focus Event", and they encourage all their members to come race their MGs there - and in a way it has become their annual reunion.  For 2007 it will be with the Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada (VARAC) at Mosport in June.  VARAC president, and event chairman for the event, John Greenwood, extended the invitation to MGVR:  "It is with great pleasure that I announce VARAC's hosting of MGVR's "Focus Event 2007" at Mosport, Ontario, Canada where MG will be the featured marque.  Plans are being formed to have MG notable personalities present, having all MG grids, and presenting our prestigious "Simms Cup" MG racer's award.  MG club picnics and car shows will be included.   Our directors will work closely with MGVR on planning this event to make it a great success.  We extend a GREAT BIG WELCOME to all MG racers and enthusiasts!"

In response to John's invitation, Chris Meyers, head of MGVR responded:  "I am pleased to accept your invitation to VARAC's 28th Annual Vintage Festival at Mosport, on behalf of the MG Vintage Racers.  It will be MGVR's 26th year, and we are designating your vintage festival as our 11th annual "Focus Event".  We anticipate that about 100 MG racers will participate in this exciting event, at one of the world's great motor racing circuits!  MGs from Pre-War MGs up to MGB's will be competing!  In addition to the 9th anniversary awarding of the "Simms Cup" for MGs, MGVR will also be awarding its "Spirit Award" and "Bill Parish Award" there.  We look forward to working with VARAC and having a 'Safety Fast' racing event."

This event will also be open to spectators and clubs.  Although MG is featured, over 260 race cars are expected to compete, including a large variety of other vintage race cars in different classes  Tentative dates for the event are June 22-24, 2007.  More details will become available as the event approaches.

Contacts for the event:
VARAC:  web site, President - John Greenwood,, (905-723-9334), or Event Registrar Ron Wanless at
MGVR: Web site:
Mosport Track at  

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MG Vintage Racers' Newsletter
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August 25, 2006

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