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September 23, 2007


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Vintage Collier Cup MG Race
FIVE MGs Win Awards

It all began in 1985 with SVRA's Collier Cup race for  MGs at their Zippo Vintage Grand Prix, and it has steadily gathered momentum over the years.  At first there was only the "Collier Cup" award for this race, which gets awarded to a MG racer in the race - voted by the MG racers there - as best representing the MG vintage racing spirit.  Then came the "Denver Cornett Jr. Trophy" for the first overall MG in the race, and the "T Cup" for the first place T series MG in the race.  NAMGAR later added the "Bucher-Decker Trophy" for the first MGA.  And now to round out the awards, this year the MG Car Club - Western New York Center added the "Bill Glanville Memorial Cup" for the first MG Midget in the race.  And Bill's widow Suzanne made its inaugural presentation.  This is just a reflection of how popular this race has grown over 22 years.  And although this year's event didn't see the best weather, that didn't slow down the MG enthusiasm and racing.  37 MGs of all types showed up to have a go of it this September at Watkins Glen, and when the checkered flag fell the honors went to the following MG racers:

-Collier Cup - Bill Shields, Pa,  MGB
-Denver Cornett Jr. Trophy - John Targett, Oh,  MGB
-T Cup - Jeff Brown, Pa, MGTD
-Bucher-Decker Trophy - Joe Tierno, N.Y., MGA
-Bill Glanville Memorial Cup - Gregg Kuzuhowski, N.J.,  MG Midget

John commented on receiving his trophy "I had an  emotional reaction to receiving Denver's Cup.  For some reason he repeatedly use to say that he wanted me to win his trophy" (Denver passed away in 2006).  Gregg reflected "I was honored to accept the Glanville trophy".   The MGTD that Jeff raced was the former Bob Colaizzi MG that won the first Vintage Collier Cup in 1985.  And Joe Tierno's MGA is the same MGA that Bob Bucher won the 1957 Collier Cup with 50 years ago!   It just keeps getting better and better!



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Photo below is of Gregg Kuzuhowski with the Bill Glanville Memorial Cup, ,with Suzanne Glanville, widow of Bill Glanville, next to him.  Photo may be used with article as long as photo credit is given: "Pietrowicz Photo". 


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For Immediate Release and Publication
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September 23, 2007

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