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November 13, 2008

MG Vintage Racers




MGs  Shine  in  2008  Racing  Season



MG racers were very successful in the 2008 season, and are now looking forward to 2009.  Looking back, MGs raced at many events all across North America.  For the first time the MG Vintage Racers had a West Coast Focus Event in the spring with HMSA at Laguna Seca, where MGA racer Jim Weissenborn was honored with MGVR’s Spirit Award.  In July at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, MGs dominated the highly competitive under 2 liter class, as the MGTD’s of Manley Ford, George Shafer, and Mike Barstow, had a clean sweep of that class, with 1-2-3 finishes respectively!  Then in September at SVRA’s 24th running of the historic Vintage Collier Cup all MG race, MGA racer Chris Meyers was voted to receive the prestigious SVRA Vintage Collier Cup by his peers.  Also receiving MG laurels there were: Dan Leonard – the MG ‘T’ Cup (1st MG-T);  Dave Smith – the Bucher-Decker Cup (1st MGA);  Jack Cassingham – the Bill Glanville Cup (1st MG Midget); and Les Gonda in a MGB-GT,  – the Cornett Trophy (1st overall).  Just a few weeks later VRG held its inaugural Thunderbolt Historics vintage races at the new “New Jersey Motorsports Park” where MG was featured and it was MGVR’s Focus Event East.  At it the following honors were bestowed:  Bill Parish Memorial Trophy, for a MG racer who was there more for “sharing with his MG buddies”-  than winning - went to MGB racer Mike Kusch; the MG Vintage Racers Spirit Award” (AKA – Big Copper Bucket) to Vicki Leonard for her constant help and support of the MG racers for years at race events; and winner of the all MG Australian Pursuit Race, to rookie MG racer, Rachel Prehodka-Spindel in her MGTD.


MG racing for 2009 looks like another exciting year.  The MG Vintage Racers are currently negotiating to select their Focus Event for 2009, and expect to announce it soon.  Also for 2009, it will be the 25th running of SVRA’s Vintage Collier Cup at Watkins Glen.  First run in 1985, with only 8 MGs, it has become a benchmark MG vintage racing event itself, and draws large MG turnouts.  For more information on MG vintage racing and the MG Vintage Racers (founded in 1981), visit their web site at “”.  LOTS of good MG and race “stuff” there!


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Photo on Request:  Photo of MG winners at Watkins Glen Collier cup on winner’s podium.  Left to right:  Les Gonda, Jack Cassingham, Chris Meyers, Dave Smith, and Dan Leonard.

Photo credit to:  Ange Lisuzzo



MG Vintage Racers Newsletter, November 13, 2008

Greg Prehodka, Publicity Coordinator


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