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December 5, 2008

MG Vintage Racers




MG Vintage Racers Announce

“Focus Event 2009”


The “MG Vintage Racers” have selected SVRA’s Heacock Classic Gold Cup race event at Virginia International Raceway, June 4-7, as their 2009 “Focus Event”.  MGVR will support SVRA in having “All MG” races as part of the event, along with a MG-Morgan Challenge, as SVRA celebrates the “Centenary Celebration of Morgans”.  MGVR encourages all MG racers, and their supporters, to attend this special event, as a large MG turnout is expected.  At it, MGVR will provide their own special MG awards, and will hold their own party one evening.  VIR is a first class racing facility in the lovely Southern Virginia countryside.  Races will be run on VIR’s 3.27 miles full course.  For additional information contact Sportscar Vintage Racing Association at (, or Chris Meyers of MGVR at ( or cell 860-490-5950.  Additional MG racing information is available on MGVR’s web site:



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Announcing MGVR's Focus Event 2009


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