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Press Release
May 7, 2009

MG Racing Milestone
25th Running of the MG "Collier Cup"

    It is hard to imagine, but SVRA’s vintage "Collier Cup" race for MGs at Watkins Glen will celebrate its 25th running this September at the U.S. Vintage Grand Prix, as some vintage events are now becoming vintage themselves! It was initiated by SVRA in 1985 along with the support of the MG Vintage Racers and with the blessings of Miles C. Collier, to carry on the early pioneering MG racing spirit of Sam and Miles Collier, both of whom passed away in the early 1950’s. There were only eight MGs in that first Collier Cup race, but vintage racing and MG participation were growing. Bob Colaizzi racing a MGTD was the first winner. Over the years, the vintage Collier Cup grew in importance, with larger fields of MGs. In 1994 there were 60 MGs racing in it, and in 2004 an incredible record breaking turnout of 143 racing MGs! Today, MG is the largest single marque group involved in vintage racing, and a large turnout of MGs is expected for this year’s historic event. The vintage "Collier Cup" is a spirit award determined by a vote of the drivers in the race who select a MG racer from their own, who best demonstrates the "Spirit of MG Vintage Racing". In addition, the following awards have been added to the race over the years by various other sponsors, making the race even more prestigious: "Denver Cornett Jr. Trophy" – first MG overall; "T Cup" – first MG 'T'; "Bucher-Decker Trophy" – for the first MGA; and the “Bill Glanville Memorial Cup” – first MG Midget.

    For more information, contact: Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) at:, or MG Vintage Racers at:

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    This is a significant benchmark in vintage racing! Please give it plenty of publicity and your support. If you would like any additional information or have any questions concerning this event, please feel free to contact me. (also see below for additional information available on request). Please forward this notice to anyone else who may have interest in this.


Thank you,
Greg Prehodka
MG Vintage Racers
Publicity Coordinator
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Release of May 7, 2009

Supporting photos available on request:

  • Photo of the Collier Cup Trophy
  • Photos of some of the Collier Cup winners over the years
  • Variety of photos of MGs in racing action. Select Model MG you want (Pre-war, TC, TD, TF, A, B, Midget or mixed field)
  • MGs in the first Collier Cup race in 1985. Greg Prehodka, MGTD; Ed Henning, MGA; Tony Roth, MGTD; Tony Simms, MGA; Bob Colaizzi MGTD; Alex Quattlebaum III, MGA; Jim Bok, MGTC; Mike McLaughlin, MGTF.

Other items of Interest available on request:

  • List of recipients of the Collier Cup over the past years
  • List of recipients of the other trophy winners in the Collier Cup race, since their inception (Denver Cornett Jr. Trophy; T Cup; Bucher-Decker Trophy; Bill Glanville Memorial Cup )
  • Letter from SVRA to MG entrants in 1985 for the first Collier Cup, describing the purpose and vision of the Collier Cup.
  • Brief history of the “Collier Brothers”, Sam and Miles
  • Brief history of the “Collier Brothers Memorial Trophy” established by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) in 1954.
  • Brief history of the “MG Vintage Racers”, founded in 1981

This press release also available as a Microsoft Word document on request.

"The Past Racing Into The Future – MGVR"

25th Running of the MG "Collier Cup"


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