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MG Vintage Racers
Press Release July 6, 2009

Jack  Cassingham  Receives

MGVR?s  2009  ?Spirit Award ?

MG Midget racer Jack Cassingham was honored this June with the prestigious MG Vintage Racers? ?Spirit Award?.  This is an award presented annually at MGVR?s ?Focus Event? - a vintage car race designated by MGVR - where the MG racers attending it vote to select one of there own there who best represents the ?Spirit of MG Vintage Racing?.  This year it was at SVRA?s ?Gold Cup? races at Virginia International Raceway, where 66 MGs, of all types, showed up to have a go of it, and enjoy each other?s camaraderie.  Jack began working on his MG Midget racer in 1995 just before he retired from the airlines in 1996.  He started with a basket case car, doing much of the work himself, along with some help from friends.  In 1998 he was SVRA?s ?Most Improved Driver of the Year?, and in 2006 was awarded SVRA?s ?Driver of the Year?.  In 2008 he received the Western New York MG Car Club Center?s ?Bill Glanville Memorial Cup? at Watkins Glen, for being the first MG Midget in the all MG ?Collier Cup? race.  Jack has been actively racing his Midget at many vintage race venues, and when asked about it, he commented: ?I race for the fun of racing and especially enjoy racing with the MG gang.  I have learned a lot and I take a lot of goodies to the track with me, so if ever I can help any of you out with your MGs, please come by and see me, because that?s what Vintage Racing is all about.?\


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Jack (left) receiving the MGVR
Spirit Award from Chris Meyers,
head of MGVR.
Jack with his Midget.
Photo: Walt Pietrowicz
Jack in his MG Midget on
the false grid at VIR.

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MG Vintage Racers
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Publicity Coordinator
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July 6, 2009


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