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MG Vintage Racers
Press Release September 25, 2010

26th Vintage MG “Collier Cup” at Watkins Glen

 MG tradition continued this September with SVRA’s 26th running of the historic “Vintage Collier Cup” all MG race at Watkins Glen, New York. The weather cooperated to give 33 MGs - of all ages and models, from MGTC’s to MGB-GT V-8’s - a wonderful go at this year’s Collier Cup race on the Glen’s 3.4 mile winding road course, to the thrill of thousands of spectators and MG enthusiasts. It was an exciting MG race, but after the checkered flag fell, special honors went to the following racers:  Top honor went to MGB-GT V8 racer Les Gonda who was voted by his racing peers to receive the prestigious SVRA “Vintage Collier Cup”;  Mike Barstow racing his 1953 MGTD received the MG ‘T’ Cup (1st MG-T);  Todd Treffert with his 1961 MGA was awarded the Bucher-Decker Cup (1st MGA);  Charles Guest racing his 1967 MG Midget received the Bill Glanville Cup (1st MG Midget) plus the Cornett Trophy for the 1st overall MG. As the MG vintage racing scene for 2010 is winding down, MG racers are now turning their focus to two particular MG Vintage Racers’ designated “Focus Events” for 2011. First will be their Focus Event West, with CSRG at Infineon Raceway in California, the weekend of April 8-10. Then in September their designated Focus Event East, will be in Connecticut at Lime Rock Park’s Historic Festival, Labor Day weekend. More information on these events, and on the MG Vintage Racers, can be found on their Website:

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Photos available on request for your possible use. Please credit photographer Vicki Leonard with any photo used. Chris Meyers is the head of the MG Vintage Racers organization.

  • Watkins 2: Mike Barstow, Archibald T Cup winner. Chris Meyers, blue suit, presents cup to Mike Barstow in red suit.
  • Watkins 3: Todd Treffert, Bucher/Decker Trophy Winner (NAMGAR Sponsored) Chris Meyers in blue suit, presents trophy to Todd Treffert in Black suit.
  • Watkins 5:  Charles Guest, Bill Glanville Trophy. Suzanne Glanville (left) presents Bill Glanville Trophy (in honor of her husband) to Charles Guest in black suit. Chris Meyer behind.
  • Watkins 6: Charles Guest, Cornett Trophy winner. Chris Meyers in blue suit presents award to Charles Guest in black suit.
  • Watkins 7: Les Gonda Collier Cup winner. Chris Meyers in blue suit, Les Gonda holding Collier Cup trophy.Watkins 8:  All winners in Collier Cup race and a few guest.


MG Vintage Racers
Greg Prehodka
Publicity Coordinator
September 25, 2010
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