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MG Vintage Racers' Press Release
April 29, 2011

To: MG and British Car Clubs and Enthusiasts, and Friends of MGVR

Re:  Share in Celebrating MG Vintage Racers 30th Anniversary

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The MG Vintage Racers' Newsletter was founded in 1981 with 40 MG vintage racers. Although MGVR does not sanction races, over the years it has promoted and supported MG vintage racing, working with many different vintage racing organizations to get MG races at vintage race events. Today MGVR has over 250 MG racers who actively race their MGs in North America and across the globe. The MG racers stay in contact with each other, and share information, through the MGVR newsletter, and its web site "" MGVR will celebrate a milestone 30th anniversary at Lime Rock Park Connecticut as part of Lime Rock's Vintage Racing Festival Labor Day weekend in September 2011. Around eighty racing MGs from Pre-War MGs to MGB-GT V8's are expected to take to the track, and overall there will be around 300 vintage and historic racing cars participating in the four day weekend, including a fabulous vintage car show on Sunday. This will be the largest field of racing MGs Lime Rock has ever scene! MGVR is also working on getting some "Historic MGs" to come to the event to be on display. There will be some cars on display from the famous Collier family collection in Florida. (If you know of any historic MGs like this who might be interested in attending, please let MGVR know). To expand their celebration, MGVR is encouraging MG and British car clubs and enthusiasts to attend this very special event. Car clubs may contact Lime Rock Park about arranging for "Car Corrals" at the track for their member's cars if they wish. Spectators can come by themselves or with a club. Check with Lime Rock Park on details on attending as spectators fees, corrals, lodging, rules, parking, camping, etc. The MG racers will have a special dedicated paddock area inside the track where their racing MGs will be located and you are invited to visit them. If you have never been to Lime Rock Park, youre in for some surprise! Forget car racing you see on TV. It truly is a "Park" in the lovely rolling hills of northwestern Connecticut, with Lime Rock's MG racing history dating back to 1957 when the track opened. Many famous racers started their racing careers in MGs here! No grandstands, no assigned seating. Bring a picnic basket, a blanket, and sit on one of the grassy hills to watch the action. Feel free to roam around the track, check out the many vendor and automotive displays that will be there, and the variety of vintage and historic race cars in the paddock. Stop by and chat with the racers themselves. Plus this event is complimented by all kinds of vendor displays, food offerings, and a vintage car flea market. It ain't just racing it's truly a "Festival" for car enthusiast! MGVR will also have a display in the MG paddock area with the theme of  "MGs and Lime Rock Park Historic Together." This display will reflect on 55 years of MGs racing at Lime Rock.  In fact, one of MGVR's founding members, Jerry Storch, raced his MGTD in the first race there. The Lime Rock area also has many vacation attractions and eateries to compliment your visit if you wish. The only problem might be securing lodging if you need it, as area rooms book up early for big events like this so reserve a room early if you plan on coming. There is a list of area lodging on the Lime Rock web site, or consider lodging in towns not too far away. Camping at the track is allowed if you'd like, or bring a RV. Check the track website for details.

This will be a rare opportunity to see lots of MG racing action in the Northeast. Whether you come for the weekend or just a day, it is an event you will not want to miss. In brief the schedule will be: Friday - practice and qualifying; Saturday - practice and group races; Sunday - no racing - just a fabulous car show staged on the track itself (and they will have a show class just for "Racing MGs"); Monday - feature races. They are also planning some "Parade Laps" for street MGs at the lunch time track break on the track one day to be determined. MGs will race in "All MG Races" and other classes too, depending on the number and types of MGs which enter.  There will be MG racing action Friday, Saturday, and Monday, with racing MGs in the car show Sunday. This race weekend is supported by the Vintage Sports Car Club of America (VSCCA).

There is plenty of time for you or your club to start planning for this event, and this is why MGVR is sending out this reminder now. MGVR has been working on plans with Lime Rock Park and the VSCCA on this event since last year, and it is shaping up to be a very special event you will not want to miss! Other details are still to be worked out. Please let all your members know about it, put it on your event schedule, spread the word about it, and possibly make it a club activity. This event could be on your bucket list?

Anyone, or any club, wishing to be on the MGVR distribution list of bulletins being sent out about this event as it approaches should e-mail MGVR Publicity Coordinator Greg Prehodka at pr@mgvr.organd tell him. Once your e-mail is on MGVR's publicity list, you will then receive regular updates on the event as it approaches. And please share this notice with anyone else who may have interest thank you.

Here are a few resources for the event:
-MG Vintage Racers:
-Lime Rock Park:
-Vintage Sports Car Club of America:
-Lime Rock Park, Club Contact: Jeanette, at / Tel: 860-671-1458
-Connecticut Department of Tourism:

If you have any questions, would like supporting MG racing photos, articles about MGVR, or MGVR artwork, please let me know and I'll e-mail them to you. Be sure to check out the MGVR web site at for more information on MGVR and MG vintage racing. We hope to see you or your club there Labor Day weekend, as MG racing history, Lime Rocks history, and MGVR's 30th anniversary are celebrated.

Greg Prehodka
Publicity Coordinator
MG Vintage Racers' Newsletter
MGVR on the web:
April 29, 2011

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MG Vintage Racers Celebrate 30th Anniversary in 2011
MG Vintage Racers

In 1981 vintage racing was just beginning to grow in North America as a few MG vintage racing enthusiasts banded together to establish the MG Vintage Racers' Newsletter. Starting with 40 MG racers, MGVR now has over 250 MG racers in North America. It became the glue that bonded them together, and over the years MGVR worked with vintage racing organizations to promote MG vintage racing at many different racing venues. It has been most successful in promoting and supporting MG vintage racing from coast to coast. In 2011 MGVR will celebrate its 30th anniversary at Lime Rock Parks "Vintage Festival" in Connecticut on Labor day weekend in September. This event is not just a race, but truly a four day "Festival" for vintage car enthusiasts, with MG being featured! It will have vintage races of course, but compliment that with a spectacular car show on Sunday which will also have a MG racing class, lots of vendors and displays, various food opportunities both at the track and nearby, a number of car corrals of various marques, auto flea market, and so much more! There may be MG car corrals, and there are plans to have street MGs do some "Parade Laps" one day during the lunch break. Around 80 vintage racing MGs, from Pre-War MGs to MGB-GT V8's will be racing, as part of about 300 vintage and historic race cars competing during the weekend. You can't even get to see this many great cars in a museum, never mind up close and in action! The sights and sounds will amaze you! Cars from England, Italy, Germany, US, France, and more! The MG racers will be set up in their own paddock area. They invite you to come visit them and check out their valiant steeds and talk with the racers and crews. MGs have been racing at Lime Rock since it opened in 1957, and MGVR's theme with be "MGs and Lime Rock Park Historic Together." MGVR will have a display on this historic relationship in the MG paddock area. Area lodging books up early for big events like this, so if you plan to come, book a room early, or possibly consider camping at the track or bring a RV. The general schedule will be: Friday practice and qualifying; Saturday practice and group races; Sunday no racing just a fabulous car show on the track itself, including a MG race car class; Monday feature races. Races will also include "All MG Races." This race weekend is supported by the Vintage Sports Car Club of America (VSCCA). For additional information, here are some contacts:

- MG Vintage Racers:
- Lime Rock Park:
- Vintage Sports Car Club of America:
- Connecticut Department of Tourism:

Tentative list of MG entrants so far include:

Last First Town St. MG
Baumgardner Tom Tallmadge OH MGA
Bryant Chris Virgina Beach VA MGA
Conrad David Nashville TN MGA
Field Storm Irvington NY MGA
George Carl Brentwood TN MGA
Good David     MGA
Holmes David St.Thomas Ont MGA
Juhas Jim Cheshire CT MGA
Meyers Chris Burlington CT MGA
Myszkowski Gene Stuyvesant Falls NY MGA
O'Connor Butch Sparta NJ MGA
Schoeplein Bob Reston VA MGA
Schultz Steve Parsippany NJ MGA
Warren Jim Old Bennington VT MGA
Watkin Bob Woodbridge VA MGA
Austhof Jim Alto MI MGB
Blankenship Larry Alexandria VA MGB
Cooper Phil Lorraine QU MGB
Kilpatrick Bob Sarasota FL MGB
McKenzie Butch Burlington NC MGB
McKie Brian     MGB
Navin Richard Grimsby Ont MGB
Ruth John Canton MI MGB
Targett John Akron OH MGB
Tosler Alan N. Chatham NY MGB
Trout Paul Elverson PA MGB/GT
Williamson Ken Bellefonte PA MGC
Brandow Mark Mound MN MGTC
Callo Ed Huntington CT MGTC
Morse Roger Troy NY MGTC
Ross Peter Bolton MA MGTC
Smith George S.Egremont MA MGTC
Smith Colin Sheffield MA MGTC
Leonard Dan Parkton MD MGTC-Sp
Barstow Mike Fremont CA MGTD
Filangeri Frank Lk.Ronkonkoma NY MGTD
Konsin Steve Roswell GA MGTD
Prehodka-Spindel Rachel Clifton NJ MGTD
Renshaw Jeff Coventry CT MGTD
Schmidt Dale Elm Grove WI MGTD
Shafer George Somerset PA MGTD
Sherman Mark Short Hills NJ MGTD
Stern David Newport RI MGTD
Pardee George Clearwater FL MGTF
Deikis John Chelsea MI Midget
Holmes Evan St Thomas Ont Midget
Smith Larry Richmond VA Midget
Nowlan Chris Amherst NH MG-L2
Mount Frank Caledon Ont MGTB
Rafalaf Jeff Westport CT MGTB
Duran Lee Lyme CT MGPA

MG Vintage Racers Newsletter
Press Release
April 29, 2011
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MGs Racing at Lime Rock Labor Day Weekend


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