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MG Vintage Racers' Press Release
January 8, 2013


To: MG and British Car Clubs and Enthusiasts, and Friends of MGVR

Re:  MG Vintage Racers Focus Event 2013 Announced


Every year the “MG Vintage Racers” chose one special vintage car race event as their “Focus Event” for the year, where all MG racers from North America are encouraged to attend, and special MG races and activities are put on.  For 2013 they chose the Vintage Racer Group’s (VRG) “Jefferson 500” at Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virginia, east of Washington DC, from May 16-19th.  This will also be the event’s 20th anniversary celebration!  The track is about 10 miles off of interstate route 81. This vintage race weekend is open to spectators.  Noted racer Brian Redman will be the event’s Grand Marshall!  A large turnout of a variety of vintage race cars will compliment the many MG which are expected to attend and challenge the track’s two mile, 10 turn course.  MGs from Pre-War MGs up to MGB’s will be competing.  Summit Point is a wonderful race facility for both racers and spectators alike, located in the lovely country side, with lodging available in nearby towns.  And if you are interested, there is also much civil war history you can explore nearby, plus there are casinos and horse races not far away in Winchester.  So mark this event on your calendar and plan to come and enjoy it.  Lots of MGs will be there on and off the track, sharing in their love of the MG marque! 


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Greg Prehodka
Publicity Coordinator
January 8, 2013
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