MGVR Announces "Focus Events" for 2016

Released September 9, 2015

By Greg Prehodka


The "MG Vintage Racers" will have both "Mid-West" and "West Coast" Focus Events for 2016, as they celebrate their 35th Anniversary!

Founded in 1981 for MG vintage racers, they have supported MG vintage racing since then, and started their MGVR "Focus Events" in 1996.

A "Focus Event" is a yearly vintage race event selected by MGVR where they work with the event organizers to include some all-MG races. MGVR would then encourage all MG racers to attend, and would include their own social functions and awards at that event. It has resulted in record breaking turnouts of MGs racing at many different venues, including a record breaking 134 MGs racing at Watkins Glen in 2004, as well as creating exceptional MG racer's camaraderie over the years!

The 2016 designated Mid-West Focus Event will be at the Waterford Hills Racetrack in Clarkson, Michigan the weekend of July 29-31st. The designated WestCoast Focus Event will be with CSRG at Sonoma Raceway, in Sonoma, California the weekend of September 30th - October 2nd. More information on these events will be available as they near. For more information on the MG Vintage Racers, visit their web site at ""

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MG Vintage Racers
Greg Prehodka, Publicity
September 9, 2015

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"The Past Racing into the Future"
MG Vintage Racers



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