MGs Win-Win at 20 & 35!

Released August 2, 2016

By Greg Prehodka

It all started in 1981 when 40 MG vintage racers got together and created the "MG Vintage Racers Newsletter" as a way to stay in touch with each other and share information. Vintage racing was rather obscure back then. Little did they know what they had begun! Their ranks would slowly grow to over 250 currently, as they now were celebrating their 35th anniversary - 1981 to 2016! Plus back in 1996 they started their "Focus Event" (FE) tradition of designating one special vintage racing venue each year - at different tracks - where all MG racers would be encouraged to come. MGVR would work with the sanctioning race body to get "all MG races" included in it, and MGVR began the tradition of including their own socials and awards at these events. Their first "Focus Event" was at Waterford Hills, Michigan in 1996, and now 20 years later, over 35 MG racers would come back to celebrate the 20th anniversary FE at the very same track! Some FE's over the years have attracted as many as 134 racing MGs! A MGVR FE center piece became the awarding of the "MGVR Spirit Award" - also started in 1996 at Waterford Hills. It is an award presented to one MG racer at each FE - as voted by their racing peers there - as the person best exemplifying the "Spirit of MG Vintage Racing" - in a combination of spirit, racing, and car preparation. It literally is a "Big Copper Bucket". Each winner gets to add their name to the bucket, as it gets passed on yearly collecting MG history! So many significant MG racers have been awarded it over time, and this year the MG racers voted MGA racer Dave Smith, from Holt, Michigan the honor! Dave later commented "Receiving the award was one of my Highlights in my 20 some years of Road Racing."

A "West Coast" MGVR FE will also be held in October this year at the Sonoma Raceway in California, with CSRG.

More information about the MG Vintage Racers is available on their web site:

"The Past Racing Into the Future"
MG Vintage Racers

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MG Vintage Racers Newsletter
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August 2, 2016

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Note:  MG in Photo below is Frank Mount's 1946 MGTC. Frank has been racing MGs for over 50 years!


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"The Past Racing into the Future"
MG Vintage Racers



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